About John Magor Photography


I have been providing premier quality images to discerning clients since 1998. After being involved in the construction and decorating industry for many years I developed a passion for photography, specifically architectural and interior design photography. Largely self taught, I apprenticed with two top interior design photographers as I developed my own style, skills, and vision.

I have worked with national, regional, and local clients and publications. I bring experience, passion, and complete attention to detail to each assignment. Understanding  your needs, and delivering images that work for you are at the heart of what I do. This is accomplished by working alongside you when possible, and making each photograph a collaborative effort that ultimately reflects your style and vision. In those instances where you are not able to attend the entire photo shoot I will spend the necessary time before the assignment with you to ensure that very same outcome. And while I take every assignment with the utmost seriousness, I do like to have fun while working. I try to keep the pace upbeat, the mood upbeat, and the tension level low. While I plan the day's shoot and stay focused on the tasks at hand, I am always mindful of those serendipitous moments of inspiration that can lead to an unplanned, yet fantastic photograph.      

I love my job. I can't imagine doing anything else.